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Entry #3

Orchestral-electro remixes, 'My Electronic Symphony' etc

2010-06-20 08:32:35 by DanielJoel

Hey all who decide to check this out!

After not submitting anything for months (and most of my submissions have been things from 2 years ago) i'm finally writing music again!

My Inspector Gadget remix is up, which took me many weeks, so please check it out! I'm trying more songs in this electro/acoustic genre, and i'm in the midst of writing a 007 and Tetris remix in the same genre.

I'm ALSO in the middle of ideas for an idea of a style i've been working on, called Electronic Symphony. This is a mix between the insanity of math rock, the dark synths of Hardstyle electronica, and acoustic instruments like strings, brass, piano, guitar, etc. Seeing holidays are coming up, you can expect a couple of them up as well.

Anyway, enjoy inspector gadget, give me a shoutout if you like it!!

Good day from Oz,

Dan J


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