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Hey all who decide to check this out!

After not submitting anything for months (and most of my submissions have been things from 2 years ago) i'm finally writing music again!

My Inspector Gadget remix is up, which took me many weeks, so please check it out! I'm trying more songs in this electro/acoustic genre, and i'm in the midst of writing a 007 and Tetris remix in the same genre.

I'm ALSO in the middle of ideas for an idea of a style i've been working on, called Electronic Symphony. This is a mix between the insanity of math rock, the dark synths of Hardstyle electronica, and acoustic instruments like strings, brass, piano, guitar, etc. Seeing holidays are coming up, you can expect a couple of them up as well.

Anyway, enjoy inspector gadget, give me a shoutout if you like it!!

Good day from Oz,

Dan J

Myspace mixes now on NG

2010-04-16 09:21:31 by DanielJoel

To all those who didn't bother checking out the myspace page, the same remixes are now uploaded on Newgrounds. Remember, listening to music is just like driving, but you wear headphones instead of a seatbelt!



2010-04-14 08:12:48 by DanielJoel

G'day newgrounders,

I'm Daniel Joel. I'm a musican, specialise in 5 instruments (piano, french horn, drum kit, bass guitar, djembe). Been playing music for ages, but only got into actually recording and composing in the last 2ish years.
I've got some songs up, if your interested. I also have my remix page (myspace), because i have been told i'm not allowed to upload remixes..

Anyway, enjoy my music, leave a comment!
Daniel Joel